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Business owners and CRE sponsors, find out why Ready Capital is the right lender for your ground-up commercial construction financing.


We offer the latest and best multifamily construction loans, rates, and service. Loan amounts starting from $30-$75 million with Secured Overnight Financing Rate (SOFR) plus 600-750 to get your project up and running.

Construction for
Multifamily Properties

Ready Capital’s commercial construction loan program illustrates our leadership, credit experience, and financial resources. Major transactions totaled over $220 million in 2022 alone.

Loan Terms

Loan Purpose Ground-up; multifamily construction
Loan Amount $30 – $75 million (larger amounts considered)
Loan Term Initial: 24-36 months
Extension options: 12-24 months
Rate Type SOFR + 600–750 interest cap required at closing
Fees Origination: 1%
Exit: 1%
Extension: 0.5% (6 months) 1.0% (12 months)
LTC Up to 80%
Min. Exit DSCR/Debt Yield 1.10x; 7.00%
Amoritization None during initial term
Recourse Non-recourse with standard carve-outs; Completion Guaranty; Interest & Carry Guaranty; Environmental Indemnity
Prepayment Minimum interest; no lockout
Extensions 6-month or 1-year extensions available
Takeout Financing Bridge financing available upon project completion
Asset Management Dedicated in-house management team

Recent transactions

We consider the full range of value-add strategies and deliver structured finance solutions backed by experienced CRE lending professionals.

Nationwide lending at its best

We’re committed to locking in the short-term financing you need to build the best possible CRE portfolio. Our CRE Finance Team includes experts in construction lending who get the complexity and demanding timelines of CRE development projects.

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