Non-Bank Lenders Big in Small-Balance
By Anonym

IRVINE, CA— CREF15  in San Diego earlier this month was bustling, with a lender environment that has welcomed a variety of new players. One area that has become of particular interest is the small-balance commercial-loan space, a space where  ReadyCap Commercial LLC  has great expertise. We sat down with  Jim Going , ReadyCap’s CEO, during the conference to discuss why the field is so attractive to his firm and the trends he anticipates to emerge this year within the sector. (The video clip below shows an excerpt from that interview.) Later, we spoke with Going on a more in-depth basis about his outlook for the year ahead in the lending landscape, the most interesting thing happening with small-balance commercial loans and some of the geographical hotspots for this market sector. For the entire GlobeSt. interview and video, please visit their website .