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Solution Capital

Get ahead of maturing bridge loans with solution-oriented financing from Ready Capital, a leader in non-recourse lending.


Bridge-to-Bridge, Stretch Seniors, Participating Debt

Ready Capital provides a single source and single loan instrument for whole loan bridge refinance solutions. There is no additional third-party lender involvement which typically requires a recognition agreement or separate subordinated debt instrument.

  • From $5 million to $75 million
  • Up to 85% LTC
  • Cash-neutral/cash-out refinances
  • Prepayment: Open with minimum interest

What is the Solution Capital alternative?

We are actively working with borrowers to find solutions for their upcoming maturities.

  • For borrowers with maturing bridge loans, we have a “bridge-to-bridge” solution, requiring minimal to no fresh equity at close.
  • Single source and single instrument for whole loan bridge refinance solutions (without third-party involvements providing a separate subordinated debt instrument).
  • Ready Capital is a leader in non-recourse bridge lending, offering competitive, customizable solutions for transitional, value-add, and event-driven commercial and multifamily real estate.
  • Our team brings clients certainty of execution through a collaboration of production and credit experts for a streamlined, up-front credit process.
  • Post-closing, we strive to exceed clients’ expectations through our in-house, client-centric portfolio management platform.

There is an upcoming wave of CRE loans maturing into a higher interest rate environment and a dislocated investment sales market. These maturities combined with credit tightening and equity headwinds will put significant stress on borrowers to find solution-oriented capital.
David A. Cohen
Managing Director and Chief Production Officer
Co-Head NATIONAL Bridge Lending

Bridge lending experts

Our team of professionals can offer whole loan bridge refinance solutions for borrowers’ upcoming maturities.

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