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Strategic Alliances

Expand your offerings to meet small business client needs while retaining your relationships. Partner with Ready Capital, an SBA Preferred Lending Partner (PLP).


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What we offer


Banks and Depositories

We deliver proven, turnkey business lending solutions to supplement existing capabilities, help satisfy more customers, attract new banking relationships, and retain and grow deposits—without any expense, realignment of human capital, or undesirable credit risk. We’ll help you maintain and grow deposit accounts and open the door to cash management opportunities.

How we can help

Keep customers from looking to competitors who may seek your deposit relationships.

Our wider, non-bank lending box and multi-solution suite will help get transactions done that are outside of your risk appetite.

We can assist with opportunities that:

  • Challenge your credit criteria or funding appetite
  • Exceed desired loan sizes
  • Are captured by your digital strategy, but outside of your geographic lending footprint
  • Are in less-favored industries
  • Give you portfolio concentration concerns

Attract new customers, accounts, and deposits with a wider offering.

We offer targeted solutions for:

  • Community Reinvestment Act credit
  • Cash management/Treasury
  • Strategic refinance
Advisor & Loan Brokers

Lending Advisors and
Loan Brokers (non-depository)

Our multi-product suite of capabilities offers lending advisors and loan brokers more opportunities to meet their clients’ borrowing needs and attract new relationships with a more comprehensive offering. Ready Capital’s unique combination of experience and creativity will help get more deals closed.

How we can help

Fast initial assessment of eligibility, our appetite for a transaction, and loan terms.

Speed of execution as well as creativity, transparency, and dependability.

An easy referral process that moves referrals quickly, seamlessly, and securely.

Each opportunity will be fielded by a seasoned loan specialist to provide a fast initial determination of eligibility and fit as well as a high contact, consultative process to every borrower.

Product education, marketing content, and messaging to help you create and maintain awareness.

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Asset-Based Lenders

Ready Capital forms strategic alliances with Asset-Based Lenders (ABLs) to help them meet more of their customers' borrowing needs, and retain and win relationships. Our product suite allows our ABL partners to supplement their existing capabilities to deliver term debt for a borrower’s commercial real estate and non-ABL eligible needs.

How we can help

Keep you from losing your valued ABL customer to a full-service provider who can handle the customers non-ABL borrowing needs as well.

Offering a more comprehensive, dove-tailed solution will land your BDOs more desirable ABL business.

Finance customer needs that you really don’t want to finance yourself.

Added capability helps you satisfy your referral sources by getting more of their referrals successfully done.

Ready Capital: 

  • Routinely manages and eliminates intercreditor issues
  • Does not offer lines of credit or factoring
  • Fully understands an asset-based lender’s needs
  • Provides a dedicated relationship manager to preview opportunities
  • Is an agile non-bank lender understanding the need for speed

Wealth Management and Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs)

Ready Capital helps financial advisors engage their business owner clients and prospects in fresh conversations about the capital needs of the business that is most frequently the driver of their emerging wealth—satisfying more clients, attracting new accounts, and growing AUM.

How we can help

An engine to maintain, grow, and attract assets from the highly attractive business owner segment.

Keeps clients from looking to your competitors who will ask for client assets.

Opportunity to “deliver the firm” to a satisfied client.

Simple referral process that requires no expertise or diverted focus.

Cements your position as client’s trusted advisor.

A professional, consultative client experience that will build relationships and brand.

Capital available for the CRE and business operating needs of BDs and RIAs.

Financial Services Firms

Ready Capital helps financial services professionals, insurance agencies, and benefits brokers supplement their existing capabilities to drive more opportunities in their core offering, satisfy more customer needs, attract new customers, and build their brand.

How we can help

Delivering vital capital opens the door to all financial needs of a business.

Keep customers from looking to your competitors for a key product you don’t offer.

More comprehensive offering will add stickiness to your own products and services.

A regulated and accomplished partner, we deliver a high touch, consultative experience that will build your brand and reputation.


About Ready Capital

Why Ready Capital for strategic alliances

Our Strategic Alliances team has built highly successful referral relationships with all types of strategic partners. We know what works and what doesn’t, and exactly what is needed to meet each partner’s unique objectives.   

Publicly Traded

Listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE:RC), non-bank, non-depository

SBA Preferred Lender

Ready Capital is the #4 SBA Preferred Lender in the U.S.

Flexible Lending

More flexible lending box delivers more successes

Nationwide Coverage

Lends in all 50 states and has delivered over $1.6B in capital

Systematic Process

Provides fast eligibility screening, prequalification, and term sheets

Rapid Execution

Approval process focused on speed, dependability, and transparency

Dedicated Service

A dedicated Ready Capital representative shepherds each transaction

Regular Outreach

A communication-rich customer experience