Small Business Spotlight

Local Handcrafted Popcorn Brand Grows into a Nationwide Business

Learn how a popular regional brand grew their beloved popcorn business by improving efficiencies, adding strategic new hires, and merging operations into one space in order to take the next step to scale up. 

Loan Amount


Loan Purpose

The Small Business

Poppy Handcrafted Popcorn | Asheville, NC

The Financing Challenge

As an established business with the need for growth and improved efficiency, the owner had been faced with declining revenues and margins in 2023. The company was not operating on a profitable level as payroll, new hires, and other growth factors were large contributors to decreasing margins. Due to a lack of historical cash flow, our team was required to view this deal as a projection-based financing opportunity based on growth and efficiency in future operations. The management was able to ramp up the production team and make a key number of new hires in the lead up to relocating to a new facility. Most of the loan proceeds were comprised of leasehold improvements and equipment required for the business expansion. The company previously had two locations and was merging all operations into one to improve efficiency and take the next step to scale up.

SBA 7(a) Loan Scenario

Here's what our borrower brought to Ready Capital

Industry Experience

An established business with a seasoned manager and strong growth in revenues since inception.

A Great Reputation

The business is a well-known regional brand poised for national growth with great existing relationships and impressive media exposure.

An Exceptional Team

An experienced team including new strategic hires to aid in the expansion of the company.

The Non-Bank SBA Preferred Lender Difference

A small business loan is not an empty box like a checking or savings account. No two small businesses are alike when it comes to their financing needs. This means that small business financing requires out-of-the-box thinking and capabilities many banks simply can’t offer.

Ready Capital is a non-bank, SBA preferred lending partner (PLP). We speak fluent small business and have the process in place to help them reach their goals the first time.

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