Small Business Spotlight

The right lender for an unpredictable small business acquisition

Nobody likes surprises on the road to becoming a small business owner. Surprises, along with both steep financial and human dependencies, meant a lot was riding on this deal’s successful closing.

Loan Amount


Loan Purpose

The Small Business

WeCare Assisted Living, LLC

Denver, CO

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The Financing Challenge

The small business acquisition for WeCare Assisted Living in Denver was anything but straightforward. As the team advanced through the deal stages, they made several unexpected discoveries: The seller was no longer actively running the business, the inspection revealed significant unforeseen issues, and both sides were understandably eager for a resolution. Without extraordinary perseverance, the deal simply couldn’t be accomplished.

Loan Scenario

Here's what our borrowers brought to Ready Capital

Surprise inspection report findings

An inspection revealed $100,000 worth of deferred maintenance, and a total of $750,000 worth of work outside of the deal buyer-seller agreement.

Additional unforeseen costs

The fire suppression bid came in over the estimate.

Ticking clock, high stakes

Residents were still onsite, and the state of Colorado’s laws called for a go-forward plan without delay.


Despite a long journey with many moving parts, Ready Capital maintained near-daily communication with the borrower and navigated every bump in the road. The BDO and team were able to take an in-jeopardy deal and transform it into an investment with an upward trajectory for the borrower.

Reliable Results

The Non-Bank SBA Preferred Lender Difference

A small business loan is not an empty box like a checking or savings account. No two small businesses are alike when it comes to their financing needs. This means that small business financing requires out-of-the-box thinking and capabilities many banks simply can’t offer.

Ready Capital is a non-bank, SBA preferred lending partner (PLP). We speak fluent small business and have the process in place to help them reach their goals the first time.

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