Military Makeover with Montel: The Clarkes win back time and get a big surprise

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“Giving back time.” That’s how Kari Clarke describes the opportunity for her family created by Military Makeover with Montel in this emotional season finale.

Here’s a brief recap and link to the full episode:

Featured military family: The Clarkes

Location: Tampa, Florida area

Mom and wife, Kari Clarke, served eight years as a combat medic and nurse including a tour in Iraq. Autoimmune issues that arose during her service overseas led to her retirement. Her husband, and dad to their two sons, Adam Clarke, served multiple tours in Afghanistan and struggles with PTSD and anxiety as a result of his service. The couple met through Facebook groups for U.S. Veterans after their respective service ended and have supported each other since.

Military Makeover with Montel goals

The team, led by designer Jen Bertrand, sets out to tackle the Clarke home to make it both a more functional place for Kari and help it to capture the couple’s personal style inside and out. But above all else, the Military Makeover with Montel team and their partners aim to give time back to Adam who works 10-hour days, and still dedicates time to the couple’s growing children and his “honey do” home improvement list after work.

By putting in some of the sweat – and most importantly, the hours – needed to tackle home improvement projects for the Clarkes, the Military Makeover with Montel team is well on their way to meeting their goal.

A small business borrower with a big surprise

The home improvements are a welcome and expected event for the Clarkes, but the episode takes an unexpected turn when small business owner and Ready Capital SBA 7(a) borrower Nick King, of Von Der King Kennels and Training, presents the Clarkes with a companion dog to help the hardworking couple cope with the emotional toll of their service.

In 2020 and 2021, Ready Capital provided small business financing to Von Der King Kennels, a comprehensive training facility specializing in providing canines for local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies including the United States Department of Defense. These loans were used for working capital as well as land purchases for two locations.

Read the story of Ready Capital’s partnership with Nick King of Von Der King Kennels and Training to help him scale his impressive business.

Giving back to veterans

Serving as a partner to the Military Makeover with Montel show is one way that Ready Capital gives back to service members and military families. Another is by providing loans to veterans who want to start or grow their businesses. Ready Capital’s CEO of Small Business Lending, John Moshier, is a veteran himself and appreciates the challenges military families face in rebuilding their lives back home.

“Sometimes you just need to hug your brothers and sisters. Sometimes a hug and sometimes a bit of a break in life, just get ‘em on the right path.” – John Moshier, CEO of Small Business Lending, Ready Capital

Explore SBA 7(a) veteran business loans

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