Military Makeover with Montel: How retired U.S. Army family received American Legion Lifetime membership

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Mitchell Family honored by Military Makeover with Montel and Ready Capital's John Moshier

Featured military family: The Mitchells

Location: St. Petersburg, Florida

In a heartwarming collaboration, Ready Capital, a leading financial services company, has joined forces with the popular television show Military Makeover with Montel to significantly impact the lives of military veterans and their families. This partnership aims to provide much-needed home renovations and support to those who have bravely served their country and are facing challenges upon their return. In this blog post, we dive into the initiatives of Ready Capital and the empowering stories of transformation brought about by Military Makeover with Montel.

When it comes to dedicating their lives to service, few exemplify it better than Matthew and Sarah Mitchell. Matthew is happily married to Sarah, his high school sweetheart, who works as a legal recruiter and attorney from the comfort of their home in St. Petersburg, Florida. Together, they are loving parents to their two-year-old son, Luka. In addition to their beautiful family life, Matthew is also a dedicated father to three children from a previous marriage, who currently reside in Dublin, Ireland.

With Matthew’s unwavering commitment to the U.S. military since 2002, serving within the military services of the U.S. Army reserves, and Sarah’s unwavering support as a military spouse, this remarkable couple has faced numerous challenges with resilience and strength. Now, it is time for them to experience a well-deserved transformation, thanks to an exciting opportunity with Military Makeover with Montel.  

Matthew Mitchell’s military deployment in Iraq

The path of a soldier is one of selfless dedication, courage, and sacrifice. Matthew Mitchell’s journey in the U.S. military exemplifies these qualities, as he fearlessly answered the call to serve his country. During Matthew’s deployment in Iraq, his vehicle encountered a harrowing event when it hit an explosive device. The powerful explosion inflicted severe injuries, including a traumatic brain injury, damage to his hand, hip, and back. Although the extent of his injuries was significant, Matthew considered himself fortunate to have survived such a devastating incident.

However, the aftermath of the traumatic event took a toll on his mental and emotional well-being, leading him down a path of depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) for prolonged periods. Despite the challenges he faced, Matthew’s bravery was recognized by his superiors, and he was awarded the prestigious Purple Heart Medal.

After shifting his focus and realizing his children motivate him to do better in life, he was able to overcome this devastating incident. Conquering their adversities, the Mitchell family was inspired to volunteer for a suicide prevention program and give back to their community.

Ready Capital sponsors American Legion Lifetime Membership for the Mitchell family

In the Military Makeover with Montel episode: Mitchell family, the show quickly opens with a fellow Veteran from Ready Capital, John Moshier, revealing to retired U.S. Army Reserves Veteran, Matthew Mitchell, that Ready Capital has decided to sponsor him for a lifetime membership into the American Legion. John Moshier partnered with Military Makeover with Montel to sponsor the Mitchell family with an American Legion Lifetime membership.

Military Makeover with Montel, a popular TV show, provides well-deserved home makeovers for military families to honor their service and sacrifices. This prestigious membership will grant the Mitchell family access to bountiful benefits, including camaraderie, support, and exclusive programs tailored to veterans and their families.

Paying It forward:

John Moshier firmly believes that the Mitchell family’s membership with the American Legion will empower them to continue their journey of giving back to the military community. By becoming part of the American Legion’s network, the Mitchell family will have the opportunity to extend their impact beyond their local community and positively influence the lives of veterans across the nation. The American Legion’s longstanding dedication to veteran support aligns perfectly with the values cherished by the Mitchell family, making this partnership a natural fit.

In a world where acts of kindness and appreciation are vital, John Moshier’s partnership with Military Makeover with Montel to sponsor an American Legion Lifetime membership for the Mitchell family stands as a shining example of how gratitude and support can create a ripple effect of positive change. As we honor the Mitchell family for their service and community initiatives, let us be inspired by their selflessness and remember the importance of giving back to those who have sacrificed so much for our freedom. Together, we can continue to uplift and support veterans and their families, making our communities stronger and more resilient for generations to come.

Giving back to veterans

Serving as a partner to the Military Makeover with Montel show is one way that Ready Capital gives back to service members and military families. Another is by providing loans to veterans who want to start or grow their businesses. Ready Capital’s CEO of Small Business Lending, John Moshier, is a veteran himself and appreciates the challenges military families face in rebuilding their lives back home.

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